On the 8th of September we celebrated the arrival of 5 peachicks! This is Albi and Mildred’s first offspring. We were very sad when two chicks didn’t make it, however we are delighted to say that the other three are thriving! We have two girls and the little yellow one is a boy. The chicks and Mildred have a heated room to sleep in and during they day we can let them wander in the gardens ( under close supervision !) for a few hours. It is wonderful to watch Mildred teach them how to drink, eat and peck for worms. They obey her every noise. Albi seems to enjoy their visits to the garden and can be seen following them around so we assume he is a very proud father ! During the Nether Glenny Farm Tours Matthew will stop by there home where you can feed the Peachicks for yourself. To book a Farm Tour contact Matt on 07548677343 or book via the website.