Flight Travel 

It will be parents responsibility to organise return flights for juniors. Students can fly direct to either Edinburgh or Glasgow Airport. Some students fly to London Heathrow or Gatwick, and then take an internal flight to Scotland. 


Pick ups and Drop offs

Students can be collected and dropped off at the airport, and supervised until they meet with their escort or go through to departures. 

Airport transfers are £100. This includes transfers to and from Glasgow or Edinburgh airport. 


During excursions

Students will be supervised during excursions, although older students ( aged 14 and above ) will be allowed to explore the village and shops for short periods by themselves. During project research, students may wear  Trossachs English Language T Shirts, so that they are easily identifiable. 


During Adventure activities 

All staff leading adventure activities are fully qualified and highly experienced. Students will be constantly supervised throughout the activities.