Skills Lessons

Monday - Friday 9 - 10.00

  • Conversation – topic of family, friends and interests
  • Listening / writing – Listening comprehension 
  • Reading comprehension 
  • Role play (various scenarios)
  • Deliver your project presentations to guest audience

Project Lessons

Monday - Friday 11.30 - 13.30 

  • Intro to the pairs Project (Choice of: Culture, Sport in Scotland)
  • Research via Internet, brochures and interview native speakers
  • Prepare your presentation (PowerPoint, poster or own choice)
  • Prepare and practice your presentation 
  • Deliver your presentation to guest audience


Grammar Lessons

  Monday - Friday 10.15 - 11.15

  • Present Tense (use/structure and meaning)
  • Past Tense (use/structure and meaning)
  • Future Tense (use / structure and meaning)
  • Idiomatic Expressions 
  • Review of G1 – G4

Independent Study

Monday - Friday 17.00 - 18.00 

  • Focused task on the use of the present tense
  • Focused task on the use of the Imperfect tense
  • Focused task on the use of the future tense
  • Non fiction reading then summarize the facts
  • Write a short passage detailing your week in Scotland


The aim of our course is to improve your general English. We cater for all levels, and lessons are adjusted to suit individual needs and abilities. We have created an English programme which is stimulating, fun and effective in building confidence and skills. 

Week 2

Students will have the opportunity to develop their reading, listening and writing skills via a different set of themes and topics. Grammar lessons will focus on the imperfect and perfect tenses. The project in week 2 will involve enhanced research skills whereby the students will conduct interviews within the community visit to various organizations and then finally present their project to a live audience.